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The center also proposes attractive packages for brides, with special treatments; extension ultrasound, keratin straightening and much more.

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make u A team of consultants and professionals in the make-up artist are available to customers on request to offer with great creativity and style, personalized services and treatments for every need. LA BIOSTHETIQUE – M · A · C


Edition de Luxe – trattamenti di lusso per i capelli

Fare il bagno nello Champagne o avvertire sulla pelle l’inimitabile morbidezza della seta: avete voglia di lusso allo stato puro? L’Edition de Luxe ha in serbo per voi e per i vostri capelli un’esperienza unica di lusso e di piacere. Preziosi ingredienti rendono i vostri capelli setosi, morbidi, avvolti da una luminosa lucentezza.

Estratti di champagne e perle donano ai capelli un’energia ineguagliabile ed un tocco di lucentezza glamour. La seta pura naturale rende i capelli forti e robusti nel tempo. Shampoo, spray trattante e maschera intensiva rendono il trattamento dei capelli un’esperienza Spa di altissimo livello. Nel cofanetto nero ed elegante l’ Edition de Luxe è il regalo perfetto.

Hair and scalp care

LA BIOSTHETIQUE develops special active ingredient complexes for every hair and scalp situation to lastingly restructure the hair and scalp. This not only means instantly noticeable and visible care results, but also the deep treatment of the actual cause. The principal goal of LA BIOSTHETIQUE care: energetic hair and a functioning scalp. Beautiful hair can only grow on a healthy scalp, which is why intensive scalp care plays a key role in LA BIOSTHETIQUE’s care philosophy.


Synergy care for dry hair and scalp

Your hair is lacklustre and your scalp itches? These are clear signs for an imbalanced scalp. Hair and scalp are provided with insufficient oil and they become prone to negative external influences. As a result, the hair’s structure can change and the hair can even fall out. The solution is METHODE VITALISANTE.

Normalises dry scalp environment Optimises the function of the sebaceous glands Vitalises the scalp functions and therefore secures quality and growth of the hair in the long term. Improved combability and suppleness of the hair

Synergy care for hair loss and hair growth problems

An increase in hair loss can be caused by many factors: stress, illness, poor nutrition, hormonal fluctuations or genetic predisposition. Whatever the cause, with METHODE REGENERANTE you can treat hair growth disturbances effectively.

Clearly visible increase in hair volume and thickness Prolonged hair growth Hair loss is obviously slowed down Noticeable improvement of hair quality Optimises the supply of nutrients to the hair roots Supports hair growth Regulates hair growth


Anti-dandruff synergy care

An over-multiplication of microorganisms causes dandruff to develop. The scalp’s natural immune system can be weakened by stress or inappropriate care, which in turn can provoke an increase in dandruff. The solution is METHODE PELLICULES which combats dandruff effectively.

Frees scalp from dandruff and prevents the recurrence. Alleviates irritation, redness and itching. Normalises the scalp functions and therefore secures long term quality and growth of the hair

Synergy care for fine hair

If you have naturally baby-fine and thin hair, then you surely know all too well how hard it can be to get your locks to stay in place and often only a ponytail helps or products of METHODE STABILISANTE.

Perceptibly improved hair quality. Hair has visibly more volume. Silky shine and optimal styleability. Hair has considerably more lift– even curls have more bounce Despite the intensive care, fine and sensitive hair will not become too soft or limp


Synergy care for sensitive hair and scalp

Sensitive hair that easily breaks has to be treated gently to maintain it healthy and well-groomed. And if the barrier function of the scalp is disturbed, scalp can be sensitive, tight and itchy. The solution is METHODE SENSITIVE.

Intensive calming of the scalp. Optimal scalp relaxation and strengthening of its natural resistance. Hair becomes more supple and thus, combability is improved.

Synergy care for the normalisation of hair and scalp

Your hair looks greasy or stringy even after a short time of having washed it? Oily hair is a result of an overproduction of the sebaceous glands. Damp hair is the result of increased secretion of the sweat glands. In both cases, the balance of the scalp has to be restored. The solution is METHODE NORMALISANTE.

Obviously visible and noticeable decrease of the proportion of oil, both on the scalp and on the hairline. Hair stays voluminous and fresh. Itching and irritations disappear. Always treat the scalp over a period of several weeks. The improvement of hair’s quality is only perceivable at the regrowth. The LA BIOSTHETIQUE expert in your proximity will be pleased to advise, consult and assist you in finding the care regime which promises the best results for your personal type.


Daily care for hair and scalp

You are looking for professional hair care for the whole family that is easy in application, refreshing in scent and at the same time attractive in price and design? Then the solution is DAILY BEAUTE.

Gentle cleansing and conditioning of hair and scalp. Maintains a balanced scalp. Its subtle scent of fresh kiwis, mangos and papayas imparts a pleasant feeling of well-being. The LA BIOSTHETIQUE expert in your proximity will be pleased to advise, consult and assist you in finding the care regime which promises the best results for your personal type.

Synergy structural care for hair lengths and coloured hair

You want your hair to always look brilliantly cared for, gleaming and stunning? The solution is STRUCTURE which strengthens and fortifies the hair lengths.

Hair looks perfectly groomed Structure losses and differences are immediately balanced Restructures the shed layer of the hair and gives it new elasticity Provides long-lasting colour brilliance and protection Gives long term improvement to the glossiness and pliancy of the hair Makes hair easier to comb The LA BIOSTHETIQUE expert in your proximity will be pleased to advise, consult and assist you in finding the care regime which promises the best results for your personal type.


Synergy care for long hair

Long hair has always been the epitome of attractiveness, sensuality and luxury. You wish to realise your dream of beautiful, healthy and shiny long hair? The solution is CHEVEUX LONGS, a care concept that is geared towards the special requirements of long hair and has a targeted effect where it is needed.

Highly effective care range which lovingly cares for and protects long hair, giving it an irresistible shine. The better and the more intensively long hair is cared for, the less frequently it has to be cut and the less the end will be prone to splitting More than 80% less hair breakage thanks to the new active ingredient complex. Gives protection and care where it is needed. Results that can be seen and felt instantly. An absolute treat for hair offering a wellness regime for long hair. The LA BIOSTHETIQUE expert in your proximity will be pleased to advise, consult and assist you in finding the care regime which promises the best results for your personal type.

Care and style for unmanageable hair

You seek control of particularly stubborn and unruly hair? The solution is ANTIFRIZZ which gets to the cause of frizzy hair with a long-term anti-frizz guarantee of up to 48 hours.

The hair’s moisture balance is lastingly stabilised and protected against changing environmental conditions. Hair is protected against static caused by dry air and frizziness caused by high humidity. Unruly hair is gently smoothed. The hair is given shine and silky styleability. Controlled durability guaranteed to give 48 hours of lasting individual style. The LA BIOSTHETIQUE expert in your proximity will be pleased to advise, consult and assist you in finding the care regime which promises the best results for your personal type.


Special care for curly hair

Wavy hair can dance; it is pure movement. Sexy, lively, vivacious…and sometimes wild with frizz instead of beautifully defined! CURL from La Biosthétique provides a stunning style and the best care.

rovides elastic hold and flexible bounciness. Bunches frizzy hair into beautifully defined waves. Conditions and deeply moisturises wavy hair. Gives a super shine and more suppleness. Your local La Biosthétique hairdresser will be pleased to advise, consult and assist you in finding the care regime which promises the best results for your individual hair type.

Natural cosmetics for hairs

Natural cosmetics – combining cosmetics with natural harmony. This indulgent range for your skin and hair combines biological purity with the right level of La Biosthetiqué luxury. Free of silicones, parabens or synthetic perfumes. Giving you wonderfully beautiful hair and forever youthfully soft skin.


Natural cosmetics for beautiful hair

Dream about living an ecologically conscious life but don’t want to skimp on quality when it comes to hair care? Now you can – with the hair care range Natural Cosmetic Cheveux, designed for its ecologically perfect compatibility. All ingredients are 99 percent natural.

With spa water from the Black Forest, which circulates in the deepest depths and is thus protected from environmental toxins. Free from artificial colourings and perfumes. For silky hair and wonderfully beautiful shine.

Natural cosmetics for face and body

Those that want to live an ecologically conscious life need a care range that is as good to nature as it is to their skin. With Natural Cosmetic Visage & Corps, La Biosthétique has created a natural range that fulfils all the demands of biological purity and sustainability. The ingredients are 100 percent natural.

The skin remains healthy and beautiful for a long time. An anti-aging active ingredient of coral algae prevents wrinkles. The first fine lines are reduced. It has a deeply firming effect on the skin. Reddened areas are calmed and visibly relaxed.


Inside the salon itama extensions are applied with GREAT LENGHTS technique, which uses only non-aggressive products that meet the hair without damaging it.

GREAT LENGHTS provides a technique of cold application and ultrasound of drops of keratin which allows the strands to fix for a long time without feeling the presence of knots annoying and visible, allowing you to apply up to ten strands at a time.

Another application technique used is to WEAVING, FAST TRACK, or with CLIPS, very useful for people who need to insert and remove the extension from the sun without having to go to the hairdresser.





Personalized and free advice to enhance the client’s somatic features by intervening with treatments free of ammonia and parabens in respect of skin, hair and environment.

fashion_gallery_12 Are made of real image consulting by experienced professionals that hair styling, through detailed analysis of the type of hair and the client’s needs, study proposals dedicated and customized on the basis of physical features and style of the customer.

taglio_personalizzatoA good hairstylist is characterized by its ability to grasp with creativity and imagination, the line best suited to enhance the customer’s face.

With personalized advice, in fact, the staff of itama, studying the shape of the face and hair type, is able to recommend the right line and length and, where necessary, intervene with natural treatments that allow you to better manage the just cut. 

pacchetti_sposa_firenzeitama for DAYS ‘BEAUTIFUL …….. a very high quality service, with professionals up to date on the latest fashion trends and are able to offer targeted advice and custom designed according to the characteristics of the bride and the dress.