Inside the salon Itama Hairdressers, characterized by refined lines and modern Tamagni Alessandro and his staff, offering customers creative hairstyles, elegant and always in line with the latest trends in hair styling. Entering from itama Hairdressers means relying on real professionals in the industry, able to accommodate customer requirements and transform them into true works of art. The ability also to offer targeted advice and personalized you will always find a proposal not only creative and original, but also perfectly in line with the characteristics of customers.











The hairstyle is one of the main means of expression for those who live in our society, where there are no rules codified by tradition, and therefore where everyone can fix their hair the way he likes. The cutting or bending of the hair thus become a way for us to make clear our character (this is often done for another in a natural way, ie without there being behind a specific purpose), or even to highlight the state d ‘momentary mood (how many times the way we pettineremo depends directly on the mood in which we woke up?).

For women, of course, this applies even more clearly, since the female hairstyle has always been (even if it is not a rule!) More elaborate and organized than that of man. Itama Hairdressers is a hair stylist woman with headquarters in Florence, able to give maximum support to the expression of the creativity of its customers, who can here, at last, get the cut that is best suited to their way of being, or what they want become.

Beauty care

In recent years, the men’s hairstyles have gained a great importance in the field of hair styling, as well as man has finally achieved a leading position in the field of fashion and aesthetics in general. In short, even the treatment of male beauty is no longer a taboo, and this is demonstrated by the proliferation of cosmetic products for men and centers offering beauty treatments for men.


Even for hairdressers, hairstyles men are therefore become a booming field, which is necessary to dedicate a chief specialization, which is acquired through courses and field experiences. Not by chance Itama Hairdressing salon has always been very careful to follow the latest trends of fashion, has developed a service Hair Stylist for man of great caliber.