Natural cosmetics for hairs

Natural cosmetics – combining cosmetics with natural harmony. This indulgent range for your skin and hair combines biological purity with the right level of La Biosthetiqué luxury. Free of silicones, parabens or synthetic perfumes. Giving you wonderfully beautiful hair and forever youthfully soft skin.


Natural cosmetics for beautiful hair

Dream about living an ecologically conscious life but don’t want to skimp on quality when it comes to hair care? Now you can – with the hair care range Natural Cosmetic Cheveux, designed for its ecologically perfect compatibility. All ingredients are 99 percent natural.

With spa water from the Black Forest, which circulates in the deepest depths and is thus protected from environmental toxins. Free from artificial colourings and perfumes. For silky hair and wonderfully beautiful shine.

Natural cosmetics for face and body

Those that want to live an ecologically conscious life need a care range that is as good to nature as it is to their skin. With Natural Cosmetic Visage & Corps, La Biosthétique has created a natural range that fulfils all the demands of biological purity and sustainability. The ingredients are 100 percent natural.

The skin remains healthy and beautiful for a long time. An anti-aging active ingredient of coral algae prevents wrinkles. The first fine lines are reduced. It has a deeply firming effect on the skin. Reddened areas are calmed and visibly relaxed.