trattamenti_bellezza_firenze_maschera_al_ferroThe “DERMOMAGNETIC MASCHERA AL FERRO®” is a special and unique treatment by DERMOPHISIOLOGIQUE made with the aid of a magnet and a special tonic. The synergy of these elements produces an immediate cleansing and firming action for the skin.

The treatment is ideal for the face, breasts, back and hands thanks to its double purifying and firming effects.

It is recommended for a dual puryfing of most skin types from delicate to rashed, from blemished to chapped.
The mask is characterized by the presence of iron particles that absorb the dead cells and stimulate the microcirculation.

The Special Magnet attracts and removes the iron particles dragging along impurities for a deep purification action and massage the skin for a strong firming action.

The “DERMOMAGNETIC MASCHERA AL FERRO®” is the exclusive iron treatment that purifies and firms your skin for a younger look, a brighter and compact skin.
The duration of the “DERMOMAGNETIC MASCHERA AL FERRO®” Red Carpet Treatment is of about 50 minutes.